SocBiN Bioinformatics 2014, Oslo, 11 to 13 June, 2014

Poster session

There will be a poster session on Thursday, lasting from 17.30 to 19.00.

To submit an abstract for the poster session, please register and then log in with the supplied password. For more details, please see the information for presenters.

The poster session will be held in auditorium Smalltalk, just opposite Simula.

Thursday 12 June

Silja Laht, Reidar Andreson, Märt Roosaare, Lauris Kaplinski, Triinu Kõressaar, Maarja Lepamets, Age Brauer, Viktorija Kukuškina, Tim Stockwell, David Piquemal, Daniel Biass, Nicolas Hulo, Philippe Favreau, Reto Stöcklin, Maido Remm and The CONCO consortium
Draft genome of the fish-hunting cone snail Conus consors
Abstract P1

Nikolay Vazov and Katerina Michalickova
Lifeportal - web portal to high performance computing resources at University of Oslo
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Ralf Stefan Neumann, Surendra Kumar, Thomas Hendricus Augustus Haverkamp and Kamran Shalchian-Tabrizi
BLASTGrabber: a bioinformatic tool for visualization, analysis and sequence selection of massive BLAST data
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Gard O. Sundby Thomassen, Hans A. Eide and Maria Francesca Iozzi
TSD: a Secure and Scalable Service for Sensitive Data and eBiobanks 
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Christina Gabrielsen, Finn Drabløs and Jan Egil Afset
Identification of novel sigma- and transcription factors in genomes of pathogenic Escherichia coli 
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Sven Le Moine Bauer, Ida Helene Steen, Ruth-Anne Sandaa, Rolf Birger Pedersen and Håkon Dahle
Microbial community changes within a chimney wall at the basalt-hosted Jan Mayen vent field (JMVF): Modeled predictions vs. Pyrosequencing data
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Ping Chen, Jason Merkin, Sampsa Hautaniemi and Christopher B. Burge
The origins of novel exons in mammals 
Abstract P7

Akshay Shah, Anja Oldenburg and Philippe Collas
Gene Expression Profiling of In Vitro Adipogenesis by RNA-Seq
Abstract P8

Ozgun C. O. Umu, Marije Oostindjer, Phillip B. Pope and Dzung B. Diep
The Change in Composition and Activity of Gut Microbiota of Pigs Fed with High Resistant Starch and High Alginate Diets Compared to Control Diet 
Abstract P9

Lauris Kaplinski, Maarja Lepamets, Reidar Andreson and Maido Remm
The oligo design applications using whole-genome word index 
Abstract P10

Rafał Zaborowski, Torgeir Hvidsten and Bartek Wilczyński
Analysis of evolutionary relationships between mouse and human genomes in context of topological domains and their related genes co-expression
Abstract P11

Juliane Wissuwa, Ida Helene Steen and Runar Stokke
Genomic sequencing analysis of a new thermophilic starch degrading Geobacillus sp. isolate from AMOR hydrothermal vent system 
Abstract P12

Irene Roalkvam, Karine Drønen, Runar Stokke and Ida Helene Steen
Isolation, characterization and genome analysis of a nitrate reducing Arcobacter sp. isolated from saline aquifer water 
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Mads Bengtsen, Kjetil Klepper, Sveinung Gundersen, Vegard Nygaard, Kai Trengereid, Ignacio Cuervo, Leonardo Meza-Zepeda, Eivind Hovig, Finn Drabløs, Odd Stokke Gabrielsen, Geir Kjetil Sandve and Ragnhild Eskeland
Identification of c-Myb binding sites in six hematopoietic cell types - a bioinformatics approach 
Abstract P14

Mikael Dahl
Genome sequencing of Lophelia pertusa and Madrepora oculata 
Abstract P15

Angèle Abboud, Runar Stokke, Ida Helene Steen and Nathalie Reuter
Automated Enzyme Function Inference in Archaea Genomes: comparison of PRIAM and EFICAZ 
Abstract P16

Jan Vander Roost, Ingunn Hindenes Thorseth, Rolf Birger Pedersen, Ida Helene Steen and Håkon Dahle
Comparison of microbial communities within iron-containing mats at different geochemical settings in the Jan Mayen vent field
Abstract P17

Hugh Cross, Carl Gunnar Fossdal, Adam Vivian-Smith and Paal Krokene
Transcriptomic Analysis of the Spruce Bark Beetle (Ips typographus
Abstract P18

Ekaterina Matyunina, Alexander Emelyanov and Andrei Kozlov
Detection of evolutionary new tumor-specific genes in inducible krasV12 transgenic zebrafish model
Abstract P19

Morten Rye, Geir Kjetil Sandve, Carsten O Daub, Hideya Kawaji, Piero Carninci, Alistair RR Forrest, The FANTOM Consortium and Finn Drabløs
Chromatin data integrated with a human reference atlas of experimentally defined promoters reveal repressed promoters located in active chromatin
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